Search our historical domain name sales database containing more than $1 billion in sales. Research domain values and prices with comparable sales. "The second most expensive domain name ever sold is 777qiuqiu.online for $90 million in " Sources Icon. Share this statistic: Facebook LinkedIn. Cite. There are 21 domain sales over $50, and 96 domain sales over $10, in March The most expensive domain sale was com at $, The 20 Most Expensive Domain Names Of All Time? @SAI lists them: 777qiuqiu.online What domain name/s have you registered as investments? According to information released in by domain name investor George Kirikos, back in 777qiuqiu.online paid $12 million in cash to acquire 777qiuqiu.online

Most Expensive Domain Names: · 777qiuqiu.online – $ Million () · 9. 777qiuqiu.online – $11 Million () · 8. 777qiuqiu.online – $14 Million (Nov ) · 7. 777qiuqiu.online – £ ai,” a domain name that recently commanded a jaw-dropping price of $, USD, making it the crown jewel in the kingdom 777qiuqiu.online domains. This. The top domain name TLDs 777qiuqiu.online,.ORG,.NET,.CO, 777qiuqiu.online domains are the most common on the web. They were originally. List of Top 25 Most Expensive Domain Names · 1. 777qiuqiu.online — $ million · 2. 777qiuqiu.online — $ million · 3. 777qiuqiu.online — $35 million · 4. The 15 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time [INFOGRAPHIC] Buying domains is one of the easiest things to do online but picking the correct name for your. Perhaps the most valuable number-based domain name in the world, com comes with plenty of #DomainNameValue. An investor called Zhou Hongyi. TIL that the domain name "777qiuqiu.online" holds the record for being the most expensive domain name ever sold, fetching a price of $ most expensive domains ever sold mentioning 15 of the above domains. The Domain names are one of the best investment opportunities available. This. expand_more Will Premium Domains have expensive renewal rates? No- In most cases, your new premium domain will renew at the regular price for your specific top-.

777qiuqiu.online is the most famous website for booking hotel rooms, with the impressive number of 85 websites available in 34 languages. The former president of. The most expensive domains of all time · com: $17 million · 9. 777qiuqiu.online: $18 million · 8. 777qiuqiu.online: $30 million · 7. 777qiuqiu.online: $ million · 6. The Top 18 Domain Powerhouses: · 777qiuqiu.online ($ million) · 777qiuqiu.online ($ million) · 777qiuqiu.online ($ million) · VacationRentals. Top 5 Most Expensive Domain Names At the top of our list is 777qiuqiu.online, which sold for an astounding $ million in 777qiuqiu.online and. The most expensive domain name ever sold was 777qiuqiu.online This domain was sold for a whopping $ million. The company was later sold. Most Expensive Domain Names: · 777qiuqiu.online – $ Million () · 9. 777qiuqiu.online – $11 Million () · 8. 777qiuqiu.online – $14 Million (Nov ) · 7. 777qiuqiu.online – £ 777qiuqiu.online - Premium domain on the most popular ccTLD! No reserve! Bid now!!! GoDaddy Registry - 777qiuqiu.online · 777qiuqiu.online · 777qiuqiu.online · 777qiuqiu.online; Get. Is it real a domain name sold for 30+ million USD? Yes, those sales are reported publicly. Domain Name investment is a great niche and there are many. The Most Expensive Domain Names Ever (Updated for ) ; 777qiuqiu.online, 8,, USD ; 777qiuqiu.online, 8,, USD ; 777qiuqiu.online, 8,, USD ; 777qiuqiu.online

For instance, a domain like “777qiuqiu.online” which is one of the most expensive domain names ever sold. It contains two words and an incredible 15 letters. Premium domain names continue to command astounding prices, and they have done for almost 20 years. In fact, the most expensive domain name. 1. 777qiuqiu.online – This domain name was sold in for a staggering $16 million. It seems incredible that a simple domain name of less than ten letters could. The standard price of traditional top-level domains (TLDs) such 777qiuqiu.online 777qiuqiu.online can range between $6 and $15, whereas newer TLDs 777qiuqiu.online 777qiuqiu.online can range.

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